Why Your Restaurant Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

Many restaurants sell or serve alcohol to their customers yet not all of these businesses are prepared to face some of the unwelcome risks. Fortunately, you can protect your restaurant from costly and unwanted lawsuits by implementing liquor liability insurance. Here is why you should think about adding liquor liability insurance in addition to restaurant insurance in Texas.

One reason to consider purchasing liquor liability insurance is that it can protect your business from being sued. If a customer were to become intoxicated and hurt another patron in the process, then the injured person could sue your restaurant or tavern for the injury that occurred.

Similarly, if a customer were to leave your restaurant drunk and then get into a car accident, your business could be sued for providing the alcohol. Even just one or two lawsuits could be enough to damage your business’s financial stability.

It is important to know that the cost of liquor liability insurance can vary depending on what state your restaurant is in. Often, the states that take the strongest stance on liquor laws tend to have more expensive liquor liability insurance.

At minimum, you should have some type of restaurant insurance in Texas. However, if you serve alcohol at your restaurant, then you may want to add on liquor liability insurance as an added precaution.