Your Swimming Pool: Asset or Liability?

Your swimming pool undoubtedly provides you and your friends and family with many hours of pleasurable leisure. However, have you ever thought about the risks involved with having a swimming pool? High net worth insurance brokers can provide information about some of the pitfalls of owning a pool. Remember, you are liable for any injury or death that occurs on your property. This responsibility applies even if someone sneaks into your backyard, climbs the pool fence and then injures themselves in your pool. With that level of risk, it is a wonder that anyone has a pool at all. However, there are some common sense safety measures to minimize the chances of being sued.

Make sure that before any work on a pool begins a plan for adequate safety fencing is already in place. The fence around your pool should be tall enough and of the type that dissuades climbers. It also needs a gate that locks with a key that only you have access to. While in the pool, designate at least one person to stay sober and keep a close eye on any children present. High net worth insurance brokers can talk with you about high-end insurance policies that give you the coverage you need for swimming pools. If you have coverage that goes well beyond the required minimums, you will probably find it easier to relax and enjoy a leisurely swim.