3 Things to Know About Trucking Insurance

If you’re looking at purchasing wholesale trucking insurance there are a few things you may want to know. Using these tips may help you find the right plan for your insurance needs.

Trailer Interchange

If your company deals in the transfer of a trailer from one truck to another it’s important to see if the plan covers trailer interchange. This coverage may help if an accident were to occur in the transfer process.


Liability is considered an important part of any insurance plan. If something were to happen and the trucking company was found to be at fault, then liability coverage can handle not only the medical costs of the individuals involved, but property damage as well. In come cases it may even cover court costs.


Not every trucker will be eligible for every plan. Some plans are designed to cover certain types of cargo or trucks, while others are designed for coverage only in specific states. Be sure to double check the eligibility requirements for any plan you may be interested in.

By looking at these three factors and how they apply to your trucking needs you can find the right wholesale trucking insurance plans for your company. Consider which plans your company is eligible for and whether you’ll need trailer interchange coverage as well as liability when making your decision.