Professional Liability Coverage for Engineers

As an engineer, you know that during the course of any given project that you can’t plan for every single contingency. Projects wind up getting delayed, problems may arise, and in some instances you will go over budget. One of the key features of professional liability coverage, or e&o insurance for engineers, is that it can protect your business in the event that issues of this nature lead to a costly lawsuit.

In practically every instance, before a client even hires you, they may ask to see your professional liability insurance certificate. This will assure them that your business is financially strong enough to withstand any type of worst-case scenario. If an issue develops and something goes terribly wrong and your client decides to sue in an attempt to recover their losses, your insurance will help cover the bill.

Most coverage for professional errors is on a claims made basis

Most errors & omissions policies offer “claims-made” coverage. This means that the policy must be in place when an incident occurs and when the time comes to file your claim. For most engineering firms, it’s never suggested that you only carry liability insurance when you are under contract, but to always have coverage in place for the entire time you’re in business.

When you’re the engineer whose job is to ensure the safety and stability in making your client’s vision a reality, there isn’t a project you take on that comes without some degree of risk. A seemingly simple miscommunication, misinterpretation of some sort, or an outright mistake can cause costly delays, accidents, or even lead to a serious injury in some cases.

It’s important that you secure a policy that focuses on the exposures that you face on a daily basis. When you’re livelihood is put at risk it can spell disaster for, not only your business, but also you’re home and possessions if you wind up on the wrong end of a costly settlement.

With e&o insurance for engineers, you can expect immediate claims responsiveness. When a covered claim is reported, you will be provided with an attorney for your defense, even if the claim has no basis. Speak to an agent about how to obtain this vital coverage today.