What to Know About Mold Exclusion

Those working with water and wastewater facilities know mold and other bacteria can be a constant harassment. While these molds and bacteria are generally harmless, under the wrong circumstances they can have detrimental health effects on certain people. Not only that, but mold has the potential to deal quite a bit of property damage by growing everywhere and breaking down whatever it can. Unfortunately, fungus and mold damage is excluded from most standard insurance policies. However, agencies with policies covering mold and bacteria insurance do exist for those in the water industry. These generally cover damage done by mold, Legionella and other bacteria. Critical HAZMAT, job-site, onsite, and first-party gradual pollution liabilities are also offered.

Liabilities to Look out for in the Water Business

Products and pollution liabilities are just a couple of the concerns many water businesses will have. While it is a major concern, mold and bacteria are not the only protections water facilities should have. When looking for comprehensive insurance packages, it is important to also note:

  • Property Insurance
  • General and Professional Liability
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Employee Fidelity/Crime
  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Policies that cover both property and mold and bacteria insurance will help take some extra risks and worries off your business. By finding the right coverage, mold exclusion on standard policies will not pose any problem.