wind insurance in Florida

Why You Need Wind Insurance

Living in Florida isn’t all sunshine. As a property owner in Florida, you understand this. Tropical storms and hurricanes are known to leave behind significant damage, and without the right insurance, you’re responsible for all expenses associated with restoring your property. This can be a devastating experience, both financially and emotionally. That’s where wind insurance in Florida comes in.

Unfortunately, you can’t assume that your homeowner’s or commercial property insurance covers wind damage. While in some states wind insurance is part of these standard policies, in Florida, this is usually not the case. Instead, you need to purchase specialized coverage in the form of wind insurance. For property owners like you who live near the coast in a state where strong winds are not uncommon, going without wind insurance means that you would take a big hit in the event of a catastrophe. A standard insurance policy often times doesn’t cover the water damage associated with hurricanes. Since water is what commonly causes the largest damage though, it’s recommended to get an excellent wind insurance policy.

As you can see, not having wind insurance in Florida puts your assets and family’s well-being on the line and it’s always better to be prepared. An experienced and trustworthy insurance specialist is there to get you the coverage you need.