Reducing Exposures to Cyber Criminals

Because so many businesses have fallen prey to cyber crimes, owners are now highly aware of the risks they face for the threat of cyber breaches. A business storing private or confidential information on their servers is the victim of a hack almost daily. While we see smartphones and the ability to easily access Wi-Fi as a huge plus, it does sometimes come at a cost.


That same easy access to information has made companies a prime target to hackers wanting to invade company databases and disrupt businesses both large and small. Cyber liability is a very serious and costly issue, one that can only be remedied by investing in cyber risk insurance in Indiana.


Recognize potential exposures within your organization


The time is now to take precautions to avoid being infiltrated, both from outside forces as well as within. This new technology makes you more susceptible to attacks by hackers, often because employees are careless with vital online documents. With so many companies relying on wireless and mobile communication for their business, cyber crime continues to be a serious threat.


Protecting the confidentiality of emails one essential way of thwarting cyber attacks. Never allow staff to share passwords, and whenever checking email, make sure that no one is attempting to steal login information. In times when someone working for you uses public kiosks, make sure that they are aware of the fact that the kiosk may be infected with malware that records keystrokes.


Choose carefully when processing online banking transactions or purchases over a wireless network in order to avoid having account information or credit card data compromised. While at work, have your IT team develop a system with checks and balances to ensure all large transactions are safe from the possibility of intrusion by cyber hackers.


Finally, make sure workers are instructed to only log into a legitimately sponsored network. Turning off the Bluetooth feature, when not in use, makes it more difficult for hackers to access laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With the constant use of online banking, a company’s business assets can easily be the targeted by knowledgeable cyber criminals.


Cyber risk insurance in Indiana can aid you when a cyber breach occurs, but adding a few extra security measures can help you avoid a costly breach from occurring in the first place.