commercial general liability insurance in Florida

Insurance Options Include BOPs

Here in the Sunshine State, owners who have been operating a business long enough understand that every company should be insured against all types of exposures they face daily. But many first-time business owners may find difficulty navigating through the maze of plans and providers serving their industry. Helpful advice may come from fellow entrepreneurs, but insurance agents familiar with a wide range of business needs can provide their insight and guidance in determining what may be best for your company.


For start-ups, many will suggest a business owner’s policy (BOP), which can provide affordable, broad-spectrum coverage for your new business. This type of policy combines property and commercial general liability insurance in Florida, which covers everything from events that result in suspended operations, to any property damage occurring.


You will also be provided with defense in the event of any lawsuits. Depending on the type of business you own and the number of employees you have you may need additional specific types of insurance, but a BOP will at least provide basic protection from many common business losses.


The BOP policy is designed to save you money


When trying to get a business off the ground and up and running it helps to start small and keep things within your current budget. You may decide to go with the cheapest coverage options available for starters, but when it comes to business insurance, cost shouldn’t be your only consideration. We suggest shopping around for a provider that’s within your price range, but one that also offers comprehensive coverage and gives valuable business support services.


Keep in mind that a BOP policy doesnt always cover everything that you may need, so its important to determine what other coverages you may require and what is available through your agent. For example, most small business owners just getting started should consider the ramifications of any loss of revenue due to circumstances beyond their control. There may be other perils that could ultimately determine the success or failure of the business that youve work so hard to build.


There are several areas of your business that will need coverage. You need to consider, for example, the services you provide and the equipment you’re utilizing. Your commercial general liability insurance in Florida is the first big step in this process.

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