4 Popular Insurance Plans for Nightclubs

Purchasing multiple insurance plans lowers the business owners risk and closes possible loopholes in nightclubs insurance policies. General liability insurance is an umbrella term that can contain multiple plans within its basic coverage. Details and range of general liability insurance vary according to company, but this is generally a cost-effective and useful level of basic protection. If the nightclub is going to be serving prepared food or meals, products and completed operations insurance might also be useful. This plan protects from claims of food poisoning and other related issues that might occur after the merchandise has been consumed or left the venue. Even after they have finished their meal and paid their bill, customers can still be the owners responsibility.

A liquor liability insurance plan is a must for any nightclub serving alcohol. Alcohol-related claims and lawsuits can often be very sensitive matters involving serious injury or worse. Liquor liability can provide claims services to help unwind incidents that may be complicated or fraudulent. Last, assault and battery insurance plans might cover patron-on-patron violence or violence involving employees (or both). This type of coverage is useful if dealing with unruly or intoxicated patrons.

The amount of necessary coverage varies, but there are a variety of effective nightclubs insurance plans to keep ones business and investment safe.