Florida windstorm insurance

Weather is a Major Factor for Florida Businesses

When major storm activity hits these shores they often leave major destruction in their wake. Constant exposure to high winds can wreak havoc on your business resulting in costly repairs. After a hurricane or other huge storm you should immediately check for any damage caused outside and file the necessary claims. Of course, you’ll need to have Florida windstorm insurance to address these issues and help to pay costly repairs.

The fact of the matter is that the weather is often unpredictable, and one never knows when a severe thunderstorm or other natural disaster is going to make a mess of things. But, when it does happen, and storm damage happens very quickly, high winds can be powerful enough to knock down structures, hail causes serious damage to roofs, and lightning strikes can result in damage to people and equipment.

Storms can be extremely costly for business owners

Its hard to predict what will happen during a storm. There is the danger of debris flying into buildings, torrential rains may flood offices, and the result is usually damage to property, a work stoppage, and also loss of income. Annually, insured losses due to wind and thunderstorm events are often in the 20-30 billion dollar range.

Coastal areas in particular experience tremendous population growth resulting in more structures being built and thus the potential for more damage to occur. This, coupled with an increase in hurricane and storm activity, makes it increasingly clearer that commercial property owners need wind-specific coverage to compensate for any losses.

After the storm passes youll want to make sure you have an inspector takes a careful look at your roof, windows, and any equipment, for example, air conditioning units, to determine if damage has occurred. Also check for any downed or damaged electrical wires or other utilities that may be a hazard to people leaving or entering the premises. Check for leaking, flooding and water damage and note any fallen tree branches on your property.

With all these concerns it’s really quite clear that, in order to swiftly recover from a major storm, you’ll need adequate Florida windstorm insurance to get your business back on its feet.


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