Coverage for Employee Injuries

Part of the cost of doing business is providing workers comp coverage for those you employ in your company. Injuries can happen, especially in the machine dealer industry, and it helps to reduce accidents by having employees pay strict attention to safety rules and regulations.


Employees moving equipment that is heavy on a regular basis can suffer minor or severe back issues, and can often receive lacerations when loading machines on and off of trucks for delivery. They should be instructed to wear the proper gear and to ask for assistance when the load is more than one or two people can handle. It’s important that workers never take unnecessary risks at work. Machine Dealer Insurance that covers claims of on-the-job injuries will sufficiently resolve such issues.


Workers Comp required by New York State law


New York State law mandates workers compensation, so businesses with employees must provide coverage. This protects a companys assets and financially assists employees who become ill, injured, or disabled during the course of work. Employees feel better knowing that such coverage exists; and for office machine dealers and suppliers, there are many risks associated with this line of work.


Insurers also understand the value in carrying this vital coverage. Your agent can assist you in finding the right coverage options that will ensure you are adhering to regulations as well as doing all you can to provide the best care and services to your team.


While this coverage is considered a significant cost of doing business, the loss of a valued employee suffering an injury at work can have serious consequences as well. Proper handling of an injury helps build trust and reassures other workers that they can expect to be given the best treatment if they ever get hurt at work.


Partnering with the right insurer helps keep costs down. In order to do so you’ll need safety training and reviews, along with programs designed to educate your employees and thereby reduce chances of injuries occurring.


Speak to an agent about Machine Dealer Insurance, and a workers comp policy. Machine dealer insurance that addresses workers compensation issues is a mainstay in any equipment dealers insurance portfolio.