Covering Your Liability Risks with Must-Have Coverage

AFlorida general liability insurance policy is perhaps the most eFloridal piece of any commercial insurance plan. Thats because it protects your company from any person or another business claims of bodily injury as well as any related medical costs, property damage, data loss, and of course, personal injury. On the other hand, if you have business property you wish to protect then you might want to consider a business owners policy instead.


A general liability (GL) policy is must-have coverage if you or any of your employees visits a clients workplace, arrange meetings with clients at your place of business, or have face-to-face meetings with clients at a neutral location. Any time you interact with clients, or represent their company or firm in anyway you could be at risk.


Other situations where exposures are faced


If, for example, you operate a business without owning or renting any physical property, a GL policy provides you with certain protections. Utilizing contractors and freelance operators will also put you at risk for liability claims. Anytime you have access to a clients equipment, such as IT professionals hired or employed by you, working on computers for clients, this could definitely land you in hot water. The fact is, in most instances you are required to have florida general liability insurance before entering into any contract. This helps to protect all parties involved should issues arise.


Running a business is inherently risky, but business liability coverage safeguards against many known and unknown risks, up to the limits of your policy. These policies shield you from any expenses resulting from of out-of-court settlements, litigation and judgments awarded by judges.


Liability insurance will likely cover things you may not have even given thought to, such as advertising injury in the event your companys marketing violates someones copyright.

Look, anyone can run into an unpreventable accident. That can happen to any business, even relatively safe ones, on any given day. No one can anticipate when a customer is going to accidentally get tripped up and wind up breaking an ankle.


This is why florida general liability is considered a cornerstone policy for most business protection plans. It safeguards against some of the most common and unexpected risks many business owners face.