Prioritizing Insurance Agency Website Design

Having a professional looking insurance agency website design will attract more visitors actively searching for products and services online. In order to be successful in todays competitive marketplace agencies must maintain their website by updating information on a regular basis. After all, there is plenty of competition in the insurance industry with everyone vying for the same audience. For this reason, it will take a dynamic approach, which means offering information and services that will set this company apart from the others.


This is how to build consumer confidence that your organization is the most knowledgeable and has what they are looking for. Having an excellent website design can put any agency in a position of authority in the industry.


What to include on your website


Your insurance agency website design is crucial to your success. Use professional headshots instead of generic stock photos easily found online. Be reachable and available to visitors, which means your contact information has to be current. Offer a true, genuine narrative that people will connect with. You can even use real testimonials from satisfied customers.


Despite the type of insurance being sold, one thing will never change, and that is that consumers use the Internet as a way to find and compare policies. With that in mind, youre odds of succeeding increase by positioning yourself to achieve a higher level of success. Remember, your strength is in conversions. When people visit the website theyll hopefully submit their contact information, thereby putting your agents in a position to make a sale.


When a new insurance customer or prospect visits the website, theyll expect to see a bio page or the About Us section in order to learn more about the people behind the company. This page is extremely important as it holds the power to convert a prospect into a life-long client. The vital thing is that you want to make a lasting, genuine impression.

Talk like a human, and dont use industry terms that only other insurance agents understand.


It may seem simple, but websites are often an area undervalued by many insurance professionals. By making things like the contact information easily accessible for visitors to the site an agency can greatly improve their chances for success.