Nursing Home Insurance: Keeping the Community Protected

Nursing homes, retirement communities, and other advanced healthcare facilities face a variety of potential risks that other businesses can easily avoid. Organization leaders looking for the best nursing home insurance rates are likely searching for a way to protect their healthcare communities from potential legal liabilities.

Regular Liability Claims

Like with any other type of business, medical directors face conventional liability claims. As part of a comprehensive nursing home insurance package, nursing home administrators often purchase the following general insurance:

  • Professional and General Liability Coverage
  • Real Property and Building Protection
  • Workers Compensation Coverage

Unique Legal Challenges

Nursing home administrators frequently recognize the special legal challenges that these healthcare communities must address. In addition to normal liability claims, nursing homes often face legal challenges related to the following:

  • Violation of Residents Rights Coverage
  • Staff Criminal Activity Protection
  • Medical Director Liability Coverage
  • Barbers and Beautician Protection

Finding Affordable Rates

To get the best nursing home insurance rates, facility administrators work with qualified insurance agents. Not only can these professionals anticipate nursing care facility insurance needs, but they also can frequently help administrators find possible discounts.

Because nursing homes provide service to elderly patients, they often take steps to provide additional safety and care. When a liability claim does arise, those with comprehensive insurance policies are best able to protect their community.