Why Get Freight Liability Insurance?

Freight liability insurance programs serve as a protection to your business and its shipments. There’s virtually no end to the challenges a shipment may encounter during transport, you need a reliable plan to safeguard your interests. There are several factors to consider regarding this type of coverage. It’s important to look at what the specific policy covers and weigh this against your company’s needs. With a variety of options to select from, attaining appropriate coverage shouldn’t pose a problem.

What Is Included in Freight Liability Insurance Programs?

The freight-handling process involves potentially damaging situations on a regular basis. Being held responsible for the harm that befalls shipments in their charge is a real issue for warehouse operators, property brokers, and freight forwarders. Protection from losses resulting from proven cases of wrongdoing or defending against those kinds of accusations can be resolved by a freight liability insurance program. Some features of liability programs include the following:

  • Warehouse legal liability insurance
  • Contingent motor cargo liability and FDA re-inspection fee coverage
  • Bailee liability insurance
  • Bill of lading legal liability
  • Legal liability insurance
  • Packers legal liability insurance
  • Motor truck cargo

Consulting a qualified insurance professional is key to ensuring you get the coverage you require for unexpected occurrences. Exploring and securing the best level of coverage can prevent an unsolvable crisis down the road.