Maintenance Tips and Insurance For Marinas

While winters aren’t too harsh on the west coast, during these months most marinas see less action from boat enthusiasts. Many boat owners choose to wait for the warmer months to come to hit the waters, but their watercraft needs to be kept in good condition or issues could arise when the time comes to sail or motor the waterways.


Any lack of proper care during this down time could present issues when the crowds return. Any risks or exposures will surely affect marina liability concerns, which is why insurance for marinas needs to be in force all year round. You may want to consider properly winter-proofing vessels, store any loose items to avoid rust or weather damage, and ensure that docks and other areas are properly cared for.


A checklist can make this process run smoothly


Make a checklist that you can use annually to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Repair shops aren’t nearly as busy so they invite the extra tasks, so take this time to get necessary repairs taken care of. If you own or operate a marina you should be checking for rust, rot and any signs of damage and get trouble areas repaired. You don’t need liability issues as a result of any existing hazards or dangers.


Boats need lots of care


Boat engines can be easily damaged by cold weather. Use of an anti-corrosive will help protect the carburetor and cylinders during cooler months. Check the spark plugs and replace any that appear to be broken or that have sustained any damage. To avoid rust, use a corrosion inhibitor to safeguard idle parts. Boats perform much better when they receive proper care, which means being properly maintained all year round.


Changing the oil in your boat is easy and can be done quickly with the right tools. You’ll need an inexpensive oil extractor pump that removes the oil via the dipstick tube. As added protection against oil spills, it’s a great idea to put an absorbing pad under the engine, particularly near the oil filter.


Using this time can provide you with the ability to ensure that guests will have an enjoyable experience when the spring weather rolls around. Speak to your agent about insurance for marinas to update your insurance and get answers to any questions you may have.