Mid-Size Law Firm Attorney Legal Malpractice Insurance

mid-size law firm Attorney Legal Malpractice Insurance

No attorney wants to be associated with claims of malpractice. The amount of damage this can do to ones reputation can be insurmountable. As a part of a firm, your client should have mid-size law firm Attorney Legal Malpractice Insurance as a way to deal with allegations that he or she provided subpar work. This is vital for times when, for what could be any number of reasons, a relationship between your client and an individual hired by them turns sour.


While a peaceful resolution may be sought, things may turn out for the worst. Any time a client is less than satisfied with the results of their case, litigation is likely to be pursued. A lawyer may decide to withdraw from a case for any number of reasons, or the relationship with their client may simply break down and the decision made to part ways. Regardless of the reason, if this results in litigation, now is the time when a professional liability policy comes into play.


An attorney may find that some clients are harder to satisfy than others


Perhaps the lawyer has done nothing wrong. There are times when, stressed out by the way events unfold, a person may decide to sue because they feel they werent properly represented, even when your client has given it their all. There are instances where, a lawyer simply has too much on their plate, they could wind up overlooking a statute of limitations or fail to submit a document in a timely manner, and this winds up jeopardizing the case. This most certainly could result in a claim. Even when their client’s interests are not affected in substance, any anxiety over their case could undermine their confidence in their attorney.


If your client decides to terminate a relationship with someone theyve been representing, instruct him or her that they still have certain responsibilities to consider. They must take steps to protect the interest of the party theyre representing, which includes giving reasonable notice, as well as allowing time for the individual to engage other counsel. Also, any part of the retainer that they are entitled to should be refunded.


An accusation of malfeasance is no laughing matter. Make sure to answer any questions or concerns your client may have regarding mid size law firm Attorney Legal Malpractice Insurance.