Documents Needed for Customs Clearance

customs clearance bond

In order to get the goods that you are importing into the U.S. released so you have access to them, you must have a customs clearance bond. This bond is a legal document. You will be required to complete an application and provide sufficient information about your business and your goods in order to get the bond. Here’s a look at some of the documents you will need.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is something you will get from whoever is shipping your goods. It confirms they have the goods and are shipping them at the current time. In addition, it shows when the goods are expected to arrive and gives a tracking number.

Commercial Invoice

This invoice shows where you bought the goods. It will give details about the goods, such as weight, description and origin.

Power of Attorney

Most companies that issue bonds will need you to sign a power of attorney. This will give them permission to file the customs clearance bond for you.

Filing all the proper document with your application is essential to ensuring that you can get the customs clearance bond you need. Without this bond, you have no way to get your goods into the country, which could mean trouble for your business.