small business insurance in Florida

Catastrophe Preparation Protects Your Business

Do you remember how we used to joke about fire drills in school? As adults, we can look back and see that the school was only trying to make sure we were prepared for a worst-case scenario. At the time, we probably never thought it could happen in our school. A lot of businesses feel the same way. No hacker cares about the data of my customers.

Unfortunately, if you think this way, you are behaving much like the ostrich that puts its head in the sand. Instead, you should really look at your small business insurance in Florida to make sure you have a policy that covers the risks your business faces.

Your insurance company knows disasters. The risks your business faces often depends on the industry. You can work with your carrier to put a plan in place to be ready in a worst-case scenario. Does your staff know what to do in a cyber-breach? What about if a client makes abuse or harassment allegations? You may even need a fire plan.

You can’t be prepared for every disaster, but you can carry small business insurance in Florida to keep your business going following a catastrophe and to help keep you on track for risk management.