How to Optimize SEO for Insurance Companies

Search engine optimization is vital for bringing in clients. Nearly 60 percent of people search Google at least once per month to find reputable companies. If yours isn’t showing up within the first few links, you’ve lost valuable marketing real estate. Improve your SEO for insurance to remedy the problem.

Research Your Keywords

Don’t just assume you know which keywords will draw visitors to your website. Use available tools to determine which phrases potential customers are using to find insurance companies and incorporate them into your website. Don’t forget to factor local SEO into the equation, which is especially important if you only serve clients in certain areas.

Optimize Your Website

SEO for insurance is more than adding keywords into your text content. Every part of your website is the opportunity to have it climb Googles ranks. Consider your domain name, website title, headers and even the way you label your images. These areas of your page all combine to create the best SEO.

Provide Relevant Content

If your website doesn’t have an industry blog, it needs one. Websites that maintain blogs see 97 percent more inbound links. A good blog will provide relevant content related to insurance at least once every two weeks.

Proper SEO for insurance companies takes a certain finesse. If you aren’t experienced in optimization practices, consider working with a reputable marketing agency to help boost your business.