Whats Covered by Product Liability Insurance

California product liability insurance

California product liability insurance protects your company should a product you produce cause injuries or if it is defective in some way. This type of insurance is essential if you manufacture any product. Regardless of how many safety checks you have or how intricate your quality assurance processes are, you cant protect against everything that could happen.


Beyond just protecting you against defects or issue with your products that can cause injuries, California product liability insurance can also provide you protection against inadequate product warning labels. It also will cover faulty instructions.

Who It Protects

Even if you don’t manufacturer a complete product, you can still benefit from this type of insurance. Product liability insurance can protect you if you just make a component of a manufactured item or if you just assemble the product. In addition, it can offer protection for distributors and sellers.

A California product liability insurance policy offers you a chance to protect against consumers who may feel like you were negligent. It can be difficult to defend yourself against such claims. Laws are often designed to favor the consumer or injured party. With product liability insurance, you at least have something on your side to help prevent you from suffering severe financial hardships due to any case that may be brought against you in court.