Drawing New Business With Professional Insurance Website Design

If you’ve been struggling to attract a lot of new business to your insurance business, one of the first things that you should reevaluate is the quality of your website. If, after reading this guide, you find that your website is not attracting new business like it should, then its time to hire a professional insurance website design service.

Website Statistics

Take a look at your website and consider the following statistics. Nearly 80% of marketers consider increasing overall conversion a huge priority for their website optimization programs. About 48% of people in a survey admitted that a company’s website design is the most important factor that steers them towards doing or not doing business with that company. Around 62% of companies that designed their websites for mobile platforms increased sales, and about 64% of companies that designed their websites for tablets increased sales. You face much greater chances of drawing new business if you make your website as effective and as versatile as it can be.

Develop More Leads

Aside from optimizing and cleaning up your website, you need to work with a professional insurance website design service so that they can help you mirror your brand in the website itself. Only once you’ve overhauled your website to meet all these needs will it turn into the lead generator that you want it to be, so find professional website help today.