Choosing the Right Employment Practices Liability Coverage for Your Staffing Firm

As a staffing firm, your business is vulnerable to certain forms of litigation that other companies aren’t. You have to protect yourself from not only claims filed by your employeesbut claims by the many applicants you handle as well. Employment Practices Liability is a special coverage designed for staffing agencies to protect them from claims including wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment brought by either applicants or employees. This protection even extends to your client in the event that claims result based on the action of your placed workers during their placement at the client’s workplace.

However, like all insurance policies, some offer more protection than others. Buying the wrong policy can leave your company exposed to loopholes and risks that can cost you big. Therefore, it is important that you choose a comprehensive plan offered by a reputable insurance agency. Make sure your Employment Practices Liability includes the following:

  • Duty to Defend
  • Coverage that extends to your clients
  • Wrongful Business Environment Coverage
  • Coverage of claims worldwide
  • Coverage of workplace torts
  • Privacy so that Knowledge of Claim is only held by the corporate officer or risk manager

Employment Practices Liability provides protection not only to youbut helps give valuable peace-of-mind to your clients as well. Don’t wait, contact an insurance specialist today.