A Quick Guide to the Independent Insurance Agents of CT

If you’ve been looking for insurance, you may heard of the Independent Insurance Agents of CT, also known as the IIAC. But what is this organization, and why is it so important that your insurance agent is a member of their trusted choice program? Here’s a quick guide.


The IIAC is a professional organization of agents that operate in Connecticut. The group is involved in a number of different activities, but among their most important is to ensure that quality insurance agents can help better serve the public. They offer a number of educational and training programs to ensure that agents in Connecticut have the skills they need to serve their customers.

Trusted Choice

Additionally, the IIAC runs the Trusted Choice program, which is an indicator of quality designed to help consumers determine which agents are best qualified. Trusted Choice agencies are not bound to any one insurance provider, meaning that they have the flexibility necessary to help their clients find the best possible coverage. A Trusted Choice agent can help find a program that protects against potential risks while remaining cost-effective for the consumer.

Why It Matters

If you’re trying to decide among multiple insurance agents, be sure to check whether they are members of the Independent Insurance Agents of CT. This organization can make finding a quality agent much easier.