Protect Your Property With Windstorm Insurance

Homeowners insurance does not provide full protection of your home during hurricanes or other severe wind weather events. You need Florida windstorm insurance to supplement your coverage in case your home experiences damage.

The Benefits of Adding Wind Insurance

Homeowners insurance plus wind insurance makes a powerhouse coverage team. For example, if your windows shatter and your roof shingles blow off during a storm, your homeowners insurance covers any damage to your possessions located inside your home, but it does not cover the actual damage to your windows or roof. Windstorm insurance does not cover any of your personal possessions, but it takes care of the cost to repair your windows and roof. You need both types of insurance in order to provide complete protection of your possessions and your property.

Types of Wind Insurance

Florida windstorm insurance is available for single-family homes, multi-family residences, apartment complexes and condominiums. Senior housing and assisted living facilities are also eligible for insurance. Commercial and industrial plans are available for property types like offices, self-storage facilities, shopping plazas, warehouses and distribution centers. Schools and medical hospitals can also receive coverage.

Contact your Florida windstorm insurance provider to verify your coverage. Ask about your deductible and whether it makes sense to modify your plan. Never let your insurance lapse so that you are always fully protected.

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