Temporary Staffing Insurance and Applicant Screening

Temporary staffing agencies were designed to help outside businesses fill positions within their companies while a permanent employee is out sick or on vacation. Staffing agencies must also provide temporary staffing insurance in the event damages result from any actions taken by their temporary staffer while on the job, or in the event that an injury occurs, among other possible litigious situations.

The Talent Pool Can Provide A Slew of Opportunities

Employers rely on the talents and services of temp agency worker, which therefore requires a temp agency to maintain a large source of talented individuals to serve the staffing needs of its demographic area. No longer are these temporary positions solely for the need of basic clerks, secretaries or support staff, but now the industry also offers highly trained or educated professionals. A temp agency must carefully address the staffing needs of many different types of businesses and recruit and retain appropriate temporary workers to fill in when and where needed.

Applicants Must Be Properly Screened

The most successful temp agencies take the time and expense necessary to adequately screen all staff members. This in an important step in maintaining a qualified staffing agency in order to assure clients that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without much training in order to get the job done. Temp agencies must therefore go beyond solely conducting an interview to confirm skills and experience, but also hire candidates with knowledge of procedures along with proof of training in medical or other highly trained fields and should require documented proof of this.

It is vital that they get recommendations from satisfied previous employers and references should be checked and verified. It would also be prudent to contact previous employers to validate work history as well. This is a time-consuming process that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in times of extreme demand.

The fees charged by temp agencies to employers for the services they provide ultimately save those companies money in human resources costs and other related expenses, and many of the top temp agencies are able to provide exceptionally talented workers using seminars and workshops to improve skill sets. Temp agencies, along with providing temporary staffing insurance as a way to mitigate risks, must also take stock of the economic trends and be willing to negotiate fees with clients in order to retain long-term relationships.