No Longer in the Yellow

The local yellow pages is no longer the spot to get your insurance agency noticed. To maintain a successful insurance business, you need to pursue insurance digital marketing and get an online presence. Here are some steps you can take to market your agency on the World Wide Web.


Having a great looking website where consumers can find out about your products and services is a necessity. Consumers check out a website of a company before they even make an inquiry. Equipping your website with an online communication option is great for busy web savvy customers.

Social Media Presence

To gain social media presence you need to establish accounts on major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you are on social media, you need to write engaging content for your social media audience. Once followers of your pages and feeds respond to your content, then you respond back. This creates an atmosphere of interactivity and shows your responsiveness.

Online Advertising

With targeted online advertising, you get more for your money. Ads are targeted towards the people that are searching for your services or meet certain optimal demographic characteristics.

If all of these steps are too much for your busy schedule, you could always hire an agency for your insurance digital marketing needs. They specialize in getting clients noticed on the internet.