wind insurance in Florida

Survive the Storm with Florida Wind Insurance

Never assume that your insurance policy covers all hurricane damage. If you read your policy, you likely won’t find wind insurance in Florida listed. This is special coverage designed to add a layer of protection over your investment property when the next category four or five hits.

Destructive Wind Speeds

If you’ve weathered Wilma, Katrina, or even go as far back as Andrew, you know what hurricane-force winds are capable of. If you don’t, the National Hurricane Center of the NOAA reports that extreme hurricane winds reach up to speeds of 115 mph or faster. Can you imagine that blunt force hitting your property? Not to mention, the potential for downed trees crashing through the roof and windows?

Protect Your Investment

Whether it is habitational, commercial, industrial, or institutional, wind insurance in Florida is written to protect your property against this brutal force of Mother Nature. Even if the winds do not reach their maximum potential speed, they can still wreak havoc on your investment. Older buildings with compromised stability are particularly susceptible to the blasts a hurricane unleashes outside of its eye.

Insure your property against the fierce winds that accompany Florida’s famous storm season. Choose between a fixed deductible that will stay the same no matter the loss or a percentage-based deductible that fluctuates with your total damages when purchasing wind insurance in Florida.