Training Employees to Reduce Liability

Employee liability

Most staffing agencies are responsible for recruiting, hiring and scheduling staff for external clients. Though this can streamline processes greatly for clients, it can present a unique set of risks for the agency. You become responsible for all liabilities associated with the employees, but there are several steps you can take to reduce these. Being proactive can greatly improve your relations with clients as well as your defense against employee liability.

Collaborate With Clients

Perhaps the greatest risk a staffing agency takes on is that of their employees behavior and performance. Because you have been entrusted with the task of hiring qualified and professional employees for your client, their abilities are a direct reflection on you. Collaborating with clients can make it much easier to train them properly and prevent incidents. Because you, rather than the client, will likely train the associate, involve them as much as possible in preparing the employee for the work environment.

Invest in Continual Training Practices

Many professions require participation in continuing education programs, and as a staffing agency, you can benefit from implementing a similar standard. Continual training can reduce employee liability by eliminating errors caused by knowledge loss and ignorance. Courses, seminars and online quizzes are some common ways to keep your employees minds sharp.