Insurance Programs for Marinas and Safety Concerns

insurance programs for marinas

Operating a marina can be a difficult chore because it involves a lot of people participating in all types of activities. Whatever the recreational marine coverage needs of your clients, they’re looking for answers to any and all concerns related to the owning and operating of their business. They have come to rely on expert advice from those that serve this important and complex industry and want their broker to assist in the process of their being properly insured, as well as helping to mitigate and transfer risk whenever possible.

One of your primary concerns should be to obtain and keep your clients year in and year out, and you can accomplish this by providing them solid insurance solutions that protect their businesses. This means delivering a comprehensive insurance program with broad coverage forms, along with exceptional customer service to ensure that your clients are being provided with the right coverage in all facets of their business.

Operating Marinas and Recreational Boating Safety

Your clients can only benefit by instituting safety requirements that help to avoid costly lawsuits and can also save lives as well. Instructing their customers to operate boats at a safe speed at all times and always maintain a proper lookout for other vessels should be at the forefront of their business practices. They should also instruct customers to take note of visibility, traffic density and the proximity of navigational hazards like shoals, rocks or any floating objects that could result in an accident.

They should be instructing all clients to have an understanding of, and obey boating safety recommendations and navigational rules, which includes always wearing a life jacket and insisting that all crew and guests do the same. Its also important to check the weather forecast and keep an eye out for changing weather conditions, along with carrying an emergency position locator, especially when boating in adverse waters.

Whenever your clients allow customers to take their yachts and other watercraft out for a cruise they should be aware of the fact that weather conditions can change suddenly and unexpectedly. By adhering to all safety measures and procedures, which includes no consuming of alcoholic beverages, they will greatly reduce the risk of damage and injury, enjoying a much more pleasant, uneventful trip on the open sea.

Insurance programs for marinas are in place to ensure that, when a problem does arise, your clients will have the understanding that all necessary protections are in place to deal with any problems that might potentially require financial restitution.