Physically Stressful Work and Furniture Dealers Insurance

Furniture Dealers Insurance

Much like the delivery of business machine products, delivery of business furniture can also be strenuous, difficult work. Anyone who spends most of their eight-hour shift picking up and delivering furniture from a warehouse to an office can be prone to experiencing injuries. This is due to all of the heavy lifting required by the job.

Employers recognize this as a serious issue and certainly attempt to do all within their power to reduce the number of injuries related to performing such an arduous task. Vigorous work of this type requires proper preparation to lessen the strain on the back, neck and legs. Even so, injuries can and will occur, which is why Furniture Dealers Insurance for work-related injuries is an important coverage for employers to carry at all times.


Exercise can help to reduce injuries

While research on the effectiveness of work shift exercise programs on reducing work-related injuries is not clear, it certainly cannot hurt.Workers who take the time to stretch prior to doing a lot of heavy lifting are generally less likely to experience an injury. This, coupled with working in tandem with other workers to reduce the workload should show a significant reduction in on-the-job injuries.

Employees whose job it is to lift and move furniture are just two examples of areas where injuries might occur on the job. Other office workers can be affected by repetitive motion tasks, or other common injuries. Ideally, a person should stretch their muscles every day in the morning, at lunchtime, and at the end of the workday, just for their own personal well being. Stretching can help to keep your wrists from getting too tight, which can often be the cause of injuries.

In addition, accidents can be the result of tripping over an open desk or file drawer, electrical cords or wires running along a carpet, loose carpeting, or objects in hallways and/or walkways. An employee may be simply bending over or reaching for something while seated in an unstable chair ensuing in an injury. Other examples are using a chair in place of a ladder, slipping on wet floors, or even inadequate lighting in the office or parking garage. The hazards and risks are many, making Furniture Dealers Insurance an important component of the proper way to manage your business.