Temporary Staffers and Employee Liability

Managing temporary workers can create problems due to the fact that issues may exist while the temp staffer is at the host client facility that you, as owner of the staffing company, may be completely unaware of. Issues surrounding job assignments, job responsibilities, co-employees, or the environment and culture can trigger some serious employee liability problems often leading to claims involving harassment, discrimination, and other employment practices concerns. This is the type of scenario that can get in the way of moving forward with the business at hand. These issues can be disruptive, leaving you feeling paralyzed as to what you can possibly do or say where contract employees are at the crux of the situation.

Problems stem from everything from wage and hour issues, to discrimination problems, harassment claims, safe work environment agendas, or other employment related laws. Its important for every manager to have an understanding of legal principles that can impact the relationship between the company and their temporary employees. By having up-to-date legal information, managers and human resource professionals can feel confident in their decisions about their teams that will help them achieve their ultimate business objective.

Advantages to hiring temp workers

There are several pluses to hiring temp staff workers, including filling gaps when an employee takes a long leave of absence but is expected to return to their position at a future date. Also, when a company takes on a short-term project that requires a few extra hands on board, the temporary staffer is ideal since when the project is over they can be released back to the temp agency knowing that their tour of duty has reached its conclusion.

Conventional wisdom dictates that using temporary staffers allows companies to save money. A temp staffer doesn’t require recruiting, additional training, and payroll costs, particularly when that company is staffing high-turnover and seasonal job categories. But some might say that these assumptions about the cost-effectiveness of temporary staffing may or may not be justified in light of the considerable risks of legal liability attendant upon the use of temporary workers.

If handled properly, the use of temporary workers can streamline the recruiting and hiring process and yield substantial cost-savings, but the HR department must take care to avoid any employee liability issues that could result from this arrangement and the staffing company needs to have insurance to deal with any issues that might arise.