Boiler Repair and Nursing Home Insurance Rates

Boiler Repair and Nursing Home Insurance Rates

While things should soon be warming up, the recent cold climates include the perils of exposure, which can be amplified with broken boilers and freezing conditions in nursing homes. Your clients realize the risk they could be taking by not investing in boiler and machine coverage. The elderly, especially those who are in poor health can run even greater health concerns if exposed to freezing conditions due to broken or malfunctioning heating units.

As a broker, you can explain that nursing home insurance rates for this type of coverage are fairly reasonable, and besides, isnt the comfort and safety of the elderly in their care worth every penny? Having this policy in place gives access to engineers who can repair or replace any heating units in an emergency.

Regular servicing can reduce the risk of a breakdown

Getting a routine service, and taking out boiler and machinery insurance, can actually save a lot of time and hassle should a facility ever experience a boiler breakdown. An annual check-up will also ensure the system is working efficiently and safely.

Obviously if the boiler fails during the summer or on a particularly warm day, it’s not much cause for concern. But if any part of the main heating system fails in extreme conditions, this could result in additional costs if residents have to be moved to another facility or temporary housing until the situation is under control. By maintaining the boiler and other heating units in and around the facility your client can likely avoid needing repairs on a regular basis.

Cleaning the boilers air vents and flues, checking the water levels regularly, and looking for leaks is something that can help to reduce costs significantly. In addition, de-scaling the boiler (if there is a build-up of lime scale) can reduce the likelihood of a malfunction. Also, having it flushed twice a year can clear out any debris that may have accumulated at the bottom over time.

Having a preventive maintenance plan in place is added security that your clients deserve to afford themselves, and this goes a long way towards reducing overall nursing home insurance rates and that frees up money to be used in other areas.