Construction Insurance and You

No matter how professional and thorough you are as a contractor, mistakes, accidents and unforeseeable circumstances will happen. This is why, if you are in the construction business in Clifton, Construction Insurance is an absolute necessity. There are a few different areas that this type of insurance can cover.


Construction insurance is designed to help protect the site on which you are currently working. This type of insurance can protect the building itself, your equipment and other items in the event of an accident, incident or theft. Being able to financially compensate for any lost items or work is very important in the construction industry. Property damage from vandalism or acts of God can stall a construction project and, without proper insurance compensation, could possibly stop it completely. This insurance makes sure that your project stays on track.


Employees can also be covered under construction insurance. This type of coverage involves everything from workers compensation to employee practices policies. Basically, every potential problem you may run into when hiring or firing employees can be covered by this type of insurance. Both your company and your employees will be covered in the event of an issue.

Insuring your construction business is of paramount importance. Knowing that your property and employees will be covered in the event of an accident is crucial. Clifton construction insurance allows you to have the peace of mind necessary to get the job done.