How Do You Know When Your Business Needs Foreign Liability Insurance?

Foreign liability risks can be very different than the risks faced in the U.S. There are unfamiliar laws, languages, and customs. What’s normal, legal and accepted here in the U.S. might cause you a lot of trouble in other places. Fortunately, businesses can get foreign liability insurance in Pennsylvania. Do you think you need this coverage for your business? If you’re doing any of the following, you just may.

Manufacturing and Distributing Outside the U.S.

Foreign liability insurance will protect your company if assets are seized. It may also allow you to continue doing business in that country, and also to have foreign judgments settled in the U.S.

Renting Offices and Other Business Venues in Foreign-Run Companies

If you are conducting business in foreign companies such as running meetings, doing trade shows, and renting offices and other venues, this insurance can protect you from damages or injuries that may occur from these operations.

Working in Foreign Countries

If you have employees working in foreign countries, even temporarily, you’re covered against their injury, death, medical treatment, and emergency evacuation.

If Kidnap and Extortion is Possible

With all the political strife in the world today, there is always a risk of kidnap and extortion. An insurance policy can help protect you from this threat.

If you want more information about getting foreign liability insurance in Pennsylvania, contact an agent today.