Dealing with Dog Bite Insurance Claims

Dog owners face some serious concerns when their pet makes a mistake and bites someone. Without pet insurance, available with some homeowners’ policies, or as a standalone product, things can get really expensive. In most dog bite cases, the injured parties will file dog bite insurance claims with the pet owner’s company.

Once this is submitted, as the pet’s owner you will receive a telephone call from your agent wanting specific details about the incident. You should make a list of the things you’ll likely be asked along with any questions you may have. At any rate, be prepared to discuss the incident to the best of your ability.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure

Before we get to litigation, you should ask yourself, what you could have been done to prevent this in the first place? Did this occur on your property, while walking the animal, or at the dog park? Was your pet properly restrained? Was the dog antagonized? For example, was a child hitting him, or did someone throw something at the animal that set him off? Acts of this nature could actually work in your favor provided you have proof or witnesses.

In order to prevent your dog from biting someone the animal needs to be properly trained. A professional can be hired to do this or you can take it upon yourself to teach the dog how to act and react under different circumstances. When at home, it’s important to lay down rules for how guests behave around the dog, especially when it is sleeping, eating, injured, or caring for newborn pups.

Different dogs respond to stimulation in different ways. Some dogs are aggressive, others extremely playful, but this can also result in biting when over-stimulated. You should know your pet well enough to determine whether or not the situation requires additional restraints. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Remember that once your dog does bite someone the amount of compensation can be greatly increased due to medical bills, lost income as a result of not being able to work due to any injuries, pain and suffering, etc. This is why pet insurance is such an important product for you to have, since dog bite insurance claims can be both costly and time consuming.