What is a Workers Compensation Insurance Risk Factor?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing homes experience a lost workday illness and injury (LWDII) rate more than four times higher than that of private industry as a whole. We all know what workers compensation insurance is and how it works, but what can this industry do to lower the number of claims issued annually?

As an insurance broker you can aid clients by making them understand the implication and work to reduce the number of reported job-related injuries. It’s a fact that employees of nursing homes and personal care facilities suffer some of the highest rates of injuries on the job.

What makes nursing home care such a high risk?

One simple answer is that it’s comprised mainly of the manual lifting of patients – that is, moving residents to and from bed, assisting with bathing and positioning patients in chairs, all activities that can cause slight to severe injuries to the spine and will sometimes trigger moderate to severe musculoskeletal disorders.

These injuries, in turn, not only wreak havoc on the health and earning potential of workers but also on the turnover rate and financial health of nursing home operators. Also, one or more injuries will reduce the number of available staff, which only increases the workload of the remaining crew. This clearly demonstrates how impactful worker injuries in nursing facilities can be.

How can directors and owners protect their facility from major losses caused by workers’ comp claims? What policies and procedures can be put in place to shore up that bottom line? Brokers experienced in helping healthcare companies reduce risks using exercise programs, implement wearing back braces, and working in tandem to reduce stressful duties can only help nursing homes, and senior living environments, lower their risk.

When the question of what is workers compensation insurance is brought up, simply say that it is a way to help injured or ill workers receive the benefits they deserve, but giving them knowledge about how to go about their routine workday taking preventative measures against common injuries is key to establishing a better overall work atmosphere.