Insurance for Construction Management Risk

Commercial insurance is much different than personal policies. Your business insurance has to meet the specific risks of your industry. This takes an agent who knows and understands insurance and the specifics of your business. When you have construction management risk, you need a policy that provides coverage to mitigate the damage in case something happens.

Construction management risk insurance covers errors and omissions in the performance of providing professional services. Unfortunately, things can go wrong when undertaking a project, especially one that has multiple parts and subcontractors. Even when everyone is as diligent as possible, human error is just a fact of life. Instead of losing sleep over the many things that can go wrong, get the insurance that provides the protection your business needs.

Contractors and sub-contractors are often liable for actions outside of their control because the client may sue everyone involved when there is a problem. Even if you’re ultimately found not at fault, the cost of your defense could be monumental. Your insurance helps you provide the defense you need.

Don’t risk your construction business without the right insurance policies that provide construction management risk. Work with a professional company that understands your liabilities and will be there when you do need to file a claim. Trust your future with an insurance portfolio that gives you peace of mind and lets you sleep at night.