Reduce the Cost of Dog Bite Liability Coverage

So you succumbed to the cuteness… and you couldn’t resist the recent “Clear the Shelters” event, where the local animal shelters were greatly reducing or even waiving their fees in an attempt to get every orphaned animal a forever home. That ‘doggy in the window’ was only $15 bucks, and between that, the pleading brown puppy eyes, and the sweet furry face (not to mention the acute begging and pleading campaign launched by the kids over the past two weeks), you brought home Skipper, a six-month-old German shepherd. Now you’re shopping for all kinds of accessories, but make sure your shopping list includes dog liability insurance quotes. After all, consider that approximately $413 million in claims was spent on paying for bite-related situations, with the injured party receiving an average of more than $26,000-and these amounts have increased by nearly 37 percent in the past decade.

What can help your rates (or hurt them)

This coverage can become your best friend, Skipper notwithstanding, protecting you from financial responsibility in the event your pet injures someone. Consider that rates could be lower based on:

The type of dog you have. Sorry, Skippy-but German Shepherds (as well as Chow Chows, Malamutes, American Pit Bulls, and Doberman Pinschers) are among the breeds considered by insurance companies to be more likely to cause an injury, and thus coverage may cost more.

A prior history. If the animal you select is known to have bitten someone before, the policy to protect you from liability could be higher.

Good breeding, quite literally, is a factor-the dog’s, not yours. In some cases, premiums could be higher if a dog has been bred without the proper training. In some cases, an insurer may require that you take the pet to obedience training before agreeing to offer coverage.

What to do next?

For starters, lay in a good quantity of wee-wee pads until you get the housebreaking down pat. Then, call your professional insurance agent to learn more about dog liability insurance quotes. Your agent can access the leading providers of this type of protection and offer guidance on what companies offer you the most comprehensive coverage for the best premium. Call your agent today.