The Age of Insurance Agent Marketing

In the age of technology where everyone is now entrenched on the information highway, insurance agents need to fully realize that developing a social media strategy is perhaps the best avenue to take in creating a solid “Insurance Agent Marketing” strategy. They are faced with the unique challenge of simultaneously developing their own local brand identity while creating a stage for the insurance company’s brand and the promise for a better customer experience.

Social media is now a primary tool for getting the word out about the newest services, latest advances in products, and discounts and money-saving plans, while at the same time agents now have an even greater opportunity to make a name for themselves as a local expert within their communities.

Making good use of social media outlets

As an agent, it’s important to understand your place in the social landscape. It’s constantly changing and it’s therefore important to determine which channels are best suited for your firm. Different platforms attract your potential customers and it helps to know which ones they’re already using and which of those provide the best opportunity for you to deliver your message.

New platforms like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat are popping up on a regular basis, but some likely won’t be a good fit for your audience, so you’ll probably need to focus on more traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to engage your users. The main thing you need to concentrate on is providing value to your followers and fans.

Also don’t be afraid to look to outside sources, such as national publications or local outlets for help as part of your Insurance Agent Marketing plan. Consider sharing relevant news articles and graphics from these sources. Using social media as an outlet to share internally created content can work as well, and is a perfect channel in which to share it. Just make sure that the content you create is relevant and provides value for people from all walks of life.

It can be quite useful for sharing articles about legislative changes that affect your industry and explain how this will affect your customers. This helps to establish you as a valuable source of information and a credible expert in this area. Finally, remember that social media enables two-way communication and should be used as a customer service channel, just be aware that some information is okay to share publicly while some things should remain more private.