Rental Cars and Cheap Auto Insurance in CT

Connecticut is actually one of the best states for drivers in terms of driving safety.
A recent Auto Insurance Center study found that, despite the dangers of snow and ice that plague roads in winter, the top five safest states are all found in the Northeast. While Connecticut did not make the top five, with only 15.43 fatal crashes per 10,000 people (compared to 48.27 in the deadliest state, Mississippi), Connecticut drivers fare quite well.

One major difference between the north and south is the default speed limit on major highways. In the Northeast the speed limit is generally found to be 65 mph, while the south and west enforce 70-75 mph. It pays, at the very least, to carry cheap auto insurance in CT in the event you are involved in a traffic accident.

Is additional insurance required for rental cars?

Because insurance policies vary, it’s a good idea, before you rent a car, to make sure you have the required coverage in place. In many instances your personal auto policy will provide coverage for a rental car, but that coverage may be limited to the value of the car you own, rather than the one you’re renting.

It’s also important to remember that in the event of an accident, many rental companies will charge fees beyond repair costs. They may assess a loss-of-use fee for each day the car is unusable, as well as charge the individual responsible, because the value of the car has now decreased and not all insurance policies cover these fees.

If you happen to be traveling with expensive electronics or other valuable items, you may want to consider what coverage you’ll have in the event they are stolen. Your personal auto policy coverage likely won’t provide protection for this scenario, so you may want to investigate this first.

Check your credit card protection

Most credit cards are likely to provide some coverage, but often payment is limited to reimbursement of your personal auto policy deductible for any payments made for repairs. Generally, loss-of-use and other fees are not covered, but it’s important to check with your credit-card provider to determine their company policies for these situations. Remember, to receive any sort of benefit from your card, you must use that card to pay for your entire car rental. Speak to an agent about questions pertaining to acquiring cheap auto insurance in CT and also questions concerning coverage options and rental cars.