Improving SEO with Security in Mind

It is quite ironic that the thing which helps bring your company to new levels of competitiveness and visibility can also be the thing that can bring your business to its knees. That thing, of course, is the Internet-and companies are being buffeted by a never-ending slew of cyber attacks (with security incidents costing businesses an average of $2.7 million annually, as determined in the Global State of Information Security survey conducted in 2015 by PwC). At the same time, the relentless charge to harness the power of the Internet in order to constantly improve insurance agency SEO, or search engine optimization, has not abated one bit. As you work to enhance discoverability and your position on ranking lists, it is important to consider the security aspect of everything you do; your clients and prospects will thank you.

Many firms want to offer seamless support to their clients, and likewise, consumers have come to expect the ability to conduct via your online presence just about every transaction that they could in your brick and mortar location. Thus, many companies sped to enable this capability, adding online payment capability rapidly-in some cases, too rapidly. One agency found this out for themselves when they learned that all the sensitive customer data they collected in the course of their online payment system was not nearly as secure as they’d thought. The system was hacked, and the personal data of more than 1,000 clients was stolen by the hackers. The agency moved quickly to stem the breach, hiring outside expertise to determine the source of the vulnerability, how many files were stolen, and how to build a patch in the system to bolster security (for example, employing security certificates and “https” instead of just “http”-moves that will actually improve search engine rankings as well as offer better security measures).

Next, the firm’s marketing team went into overdrive, creating a full-scale campaign that addressed the problem and provided full transparency as to how the company would handle the after-effects-including what has increasingly become the norm after such a breach, to offer customers a year of fraud watch services from a third-party provider, free of charge.

Insurance agency SEO will continue to be the rabbit on the dog track of the race to be at the top of the online who’s who. In your quest, ensure that you are addressing security as much as rankings and you’ll find that the former serves to enhance the latter.