Questions to Ask About Your Home Insurance When You Move

Be sure you ask your home insurance agent a few essential questions if you plan on moving out of Orlando to another city or state. Moving is already stressful enough, and by getting the jump on switching home insurance in Orlando, FL to your new location, you can avoid a lot of frustration and get the best protection for yourself and your new home.

What Kind of Insurance Will You Have in Your New Location?

Since insurance requirements vary from state-to-state, insurance coverage also varies. Find out if the insurance offered in your new location meets all of your needs and if you’ll need to make adjustments to your current policy. If you’re moving to a location that’s prone to flooding, be sure you ask about flooding insurance requirements.

Will You Need to Make Any Changes to Your Policy?

Even if you remain in Florida, you’ll more than likely need an entirely new home insurance policy. The reason is your coverage is based on the location and characteristics of your home. Before you contact your agent about changing home insurance in Orlando, FL, be sure you have the square footage, interior finishes, roof type and age of your new home.

Will You Pay More or Less for Insurance?

Depending on the features of your new home, you may pay more or less for your new premiums. Asking your insurance provider this question as soon as you know you’re moving allows you to prepare your finances accordingly.

Don’t put off changing your home insurance until moving day. Bring your agent into the loop and keep him there until you’re settled in your new residence.