Tips to Successful Insurance Appointment Setting

It’s important to develop good insurance appointment setting skills that will help determine just how successful you’re going to be. Your success will depend in part on your ability to establish a face-to-face meeting with your prospect. First you need to learn what (and what not) to say by using a couple of proven techniques and tips.

Focus your initial contact on booking your presentation

The process begins once you’ve got some leads to contact. Remember that what you’re selling on the initial telephone call is the appointment so focus on just booking that. A key tip is to develop a script that seeks to sell an appointment; selling insurance comes later. The biggest mistake you can make is to qualify or sell the prospect while on the phone.

Using their first name helps make the situation more comfortable and friendly. You should quickly remind the consumer that the contact was their idea. State the reason for the call, for instance, they sent back a card (contacted your website, etc) requesting information on such and such a product.

If you get a “yes” response then you can move on to explaining to them that you’re the agent assigned to their case and you can give them a quick explanation about their options and answer any questions they may have. Follow up by setting an appointment to go over the services in more detail.

Offer two time slots, which makes a prospect’s decision simply one or the other. Once the appointment is set, end the call by thanking them and letting them know you look forward to speaking to them again. The average time on the telephone is generally under two minutes.

Remember to respond to any questions they may ask you along the process with, “That’s a good question and that’s one of the things we’ll go over when we get together.” As your insurance appointment setting skills increase you’ll discover that the above script works quite well and most appointments will actually get done very quickly during the duration of the phone call.