Inherent Risks and Home Health Care Professional Liability Insurance

Home health care professionals provide a valuable service for those who live at home but still need a nurse or other caregiver to help with chores and other necessities that many individuals simply cannot live without. Home health care professional liability insurance provides an insured with legal representation if they’re ever sued and will also pay all or at least a considerable portion of the costs of the suit in the event of a settlement or loss.

Because home health care providers can directly affect the health of their customers, insurance is a very wise investment that will help to keep the business solvent when run legal issues ensue. For instance, negligence is an unfortunate action that often results in injuries. For example, a home health aide who prepares a meal but fails to fully cook, for example poultry or meat, could be sued for negligence if his or her patient develops a food-borne illness.

No employee is perfect or devoid of mistakes, but even a small error could end up being extremely costly, perhaps even causing a company to entirely lose their business or sully their reputation. Liability insurance helps protects against these claims.

Small business liability and how coverage works

When purchasing liability insurance, the insurer will evaluate any liability risks and may require that the client take certain precautions to minimize any risks. Your insurer may also exclude certain forms of liability, particularly if you’ve been named in a prior lawsuit. Remember that if you are sued, your insurance company will pay for a lawyer, which can help you save money on the costs of hiring an attorney. Your insurer will pay the costs of the lawsuit after you’ve paid your deductible and up to policy limitations.

Professional malpractice protection is vital

If you provide any kind of medical care in your home healthcare business, malpractice is a serious concern. A doctor could prescribe a prescription to a patient causing an allergic reaction or a nurse might incorrectly administer an injection. The cost of a malpractice suit can mount quickly, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars or more if a patient is seriously injured or killed. A sound home health care professional liability insurance plan will provide sufficient liability coverage, reducing your exposure.