Teen Drivers and Car Insurance Companies in CT

Since most parents will simply add their teen drivers to their own policies (because it’s generally a less expensive option), many teen drivers don’t have to worry about getting their own auto insurance policy. However, some teens do own their own cars and want to have their independence and take on these added responsibilities. In such cases, they can contact car insurance companies in CT and purchase their own insurance policies.

But because they present more of a risk, auto insurance rates are generally going to be higher for teenage drivers. However, there are some ways parents can both, financially protect their selves and lower the cost of insuring their teen by following a few helpful suggestions. There are plenty of steps available that will allow both teens and parents to maintain affordable premiums.

Tips to save money on car insurance for teenagers

The fact is that, due to a lack of driving experience, many teens are facing situations for the first time that could cause accidents. Distracted driving tops the list of reasons why young drivers are involved in collisions and why rates for younger motorists remains rather high. But here is a list of ways to help reduce the expense of auto insurance:

  1. Get good grades – Many auto insurance companies offer good student discounts, which are discounts for teen drivers who make a certain grade point average (usually a B average and up).
  2. Enroll in a driver’s education program – Connecticut requires teens to complete a driver’s education course and many providers offer discounts for successfully completing the course, which means teens will be rewarded for their efforts.
  3. Take an additional driver training course – Depending on which car insurance companies in CT that you contact, an additional driver’s training course could result in additional discounts on your premium. The extra training also brings instant and future benefits as far as safe driving is concerned.
  4. Avoid buying an expensive or sporty car – Newer models and racing-style cars are more expensive to insure than older models or the more practical models available. This can be a very important consideration.
  5. Pay a higher deductible – By increasing their deductible, parents can help to lower insurance rates overall. But practicing safe driving and not getting into accidents is the only way to keep the cost of insurance low. Speak to a reputable agent today!