Mechanical Failure and Nursing Home Insurance Rates

Being in the nursing home and assisted living business brings about many concerns for owners. Everything from property damage and personal injury, to crime and abuse claims, and the list goes on. The important thing to remember is that this business is dependent on keeping its residents happy and safe at all times. This is why brokers should urge those that provide products and services necessary to the health of organizations everywhere not to overlook boiler & machinery insurance at affordable nursing home insurance rates.

If a nursing home is forced to evacuate their residents in the dead of winter or the high hot summer months because of a failure to keep temperatures in the facility warm enough or cool enough for those living there to be comfortable then this can become a major issue. A broken HVAC system can result in the facility being shut down, anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and this could end up being extremely costly.

Keeping families satisfied that their loved ones are receiving proper care

No one wants to call and tell a loved one that there mother or father has to be moved because the facility is experiencing a mechanical failure. Sure, this kind of thing might occur from time to time, but with proper scheduled maintenance the odds of a breakdown can be greatly reduced. But accidents and malfunctions can and will occur.

The reputation of the company is of great value, and therefore, reducing the odds of a problem of this nature can provide great dividends. Safety examinations should be part of any regular maintenance program, but when an incident occurs, without the proper nursing home insurance in place, a problem could have resounding consequences. Boiler insurance protects for direct and indirect loss sustained due to a boiler incident. This insurance policy generally includes an annual boiler inspection.

The business of keeping our elderly population living comfortable lives falls upon the many owners and managers of nursing home facilities across the US. This is an area where a lack of proper insurance protection for any and all circumstances is a serious breakdown in management responsibilities. Independent agents should ensure that they provide the best nursing home insurance rates available in today’s flourishing market.