Protecting Valuable Electronics and Orlando Home Insurance

Your home is your castle, but is it the fortress that you need it to be? Like many Americans today, you treasure your valuable electronics, such as your laptop, smartphone and wireless speaker system, which enable you to work at home, as well as enhance your social life and allow you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

But these items are also easy targets for burglars and thieves who may gain access to your house while you’re away and will steal these expensive items in order to make a quick buck. That’s why you need Orlando home insurance, which will allow you to replace items stolen from your home and these helpful protective tips will help you to protect your electronic devices from possible theft.

  1. Don’t leave your electronics in plain sight – Devices you leave in plain sight, for example on counter tops or coffee tables, are easy prey for a thief “casing a joint.” You will be better off putting your laptop or DVD player under lock and key when it’s in your home. You should never leave valuables of any type in your unlocked vehicle. Hide your electronics when not home and destroy the boxes they came in, since they are a clue as to what a criminal might find inside your home.
  2. Lock your doors whenever you leave – Ensure your home is locked tight when you leave the house (and even when you’re at home). Check all doors and windows before you go to bed as well. Also, remember to lock the garage, basement and attic entrances.
  3. Install LoJack on your valuables – Protect your laptop, tablet and smartphone by installing LoJack to protect sensitive data by locking thieves out of your device. LoJack will also assist police in locating your devices even if the hard drive has been wiped clean or the device is factory reset.
  4. Use password protection – Protect your passwords and encrypt them in order to prevent anyone but you from gaining access to your devices. Never give your device permission to remember your password for you because this will allow thieves to access your sites.
  5. Keep a record of all serial numbers – Record serial numbers and other pertinent information and keep it with your sales receipts in a secure location. The will aid police in finding your stolen electronics, and also carry Orlando home insurance for those times when you need to file a claim for any loss.