Insuring Restaurants in California

Restaurants are complicated, potentially dangerous enterprises. With so much happening, nearly anything that can happen will happen. Providing your clients with restaurant insurance in California is rewarding for you and your clients because it does so much good. There are many different areas that are covered under this type of insurance.

Standard Coverage

There are standard coverage areas provided by nearly every typical restaurant insurance policy. These areas include, but are not limited to, property, general liability and crime. These standard coverage areas provide a type of base-line coverage to make sure that all the main features of a restaurant are compensated for.

Additional Coverage Available

There are also additional coverage areas that can be added in order to provide more complete policies. These can include liquor liability, employee benefits, and employee/non-owned vehicle liability. These additional coverage areas make it easier for certain businesses to be completely covered by their insurance, but are not necessary for all restaurants. There are also some providers that offer even more selective coverage, including food contamination business interruption coverage and pollutant clean-up and removal, in order to more completely cover the restaurant industry.

When you offer restaurant insurance in California, you are offering every fine dining and table service establishment a chance at success. Through the standard and additional coverage areas, nearly everything is covered in order to allow your clients to do their best work in a safe environment.