CT Homeowners Insurance and Preventive Maintenance

As you look out your window at streets no longer covered in snow (hopefully) now is likely a good time to start concentrating on a little ritual we commonly refer to as “spring cleaning”. With winter finally nearing its end and spring just beginning its calmer and gentler season, there’s no better time to work on a couple of those home improvement plans you may have been talking about for quite some time now.

Doing so could prevent major damage that could require that you file a costly claim with your CT homeowners insurance agency, and that could lead to paying higher premiums in the future, and who wants that? Here are two worthwhile projects that are perfect for a spring home makeover and this could additionally add to the resale value of your house.

Update your old rain gutters

If you had the opportunity to experience heavy rainfall in your area recently, this might have been a good indicator for just how well your rain gutters are holding up. After all, without rain gutters, or those in need of replacement, your home would be defenseless against the raging rainstorms that occasionally hit this area. The resulting water could erode the soil around the foundation, splashing dirt onto the siding of the house and creating leaks down into the basement, all possibly causing internal damage to the house.

Investing in new gutters can help to cut maintenance to a minimum — which means no more climbing onto the roof to clean out any clogs. Shop for a product that can help lead water away from your house, along with keeping leaves and other objects from clogging up the system.

Repairing the roof can help you to avoid more costly repairs

This year’s record snowfalls took a toll on plenty of roofs in the state of Connecticut. Your home’s roof may have experienced damage that has gone undetected, causing moisture to seep in between the cracks and creases resulting in the disintegration of some of the shingles. We suggest that you have the roof inspected and, if necessary, repaired by a professional roofer.

These are just two ways in which you can save a whole lot of money by doing some preventive maintenance to the exterior of your home in order to protect the interior. If any serious damage did occur, you can be comforted to know that your CT homeowners insurance will provide the necessary relief. Speak to your agent with any questions or concerns.